Effects Of Cell Phones In The 21st Century

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The use of cell phones has increased tremendously throughout the past few years. Many people pick up and check their cell phones multiple times throughout the day. Most of the time people are unmindful they are even doing so. The usages of cell phones have become a very significant part of making lives more convenient and satisfying. Cell phones have come to be a trend of the 21st century because they contribute to the ease of communication, they are a great source of entertainment, and they provide quick access to the internet. By means of communication being a vast part of the world today, cell phones have become more popular than ever because of how easy they make it. Using a cell phone makes communicating with family, friends, coworkers, and managers stress-free and effortless. One cause of communication being an important factor of cell phones trending the way they do is the fact that they can be used any and everywhere. People can be reached no matter how near or far they may be. For example, many parents will buy their kids a cell phone for when they are not together, so they can keep in close contact with them as much as possible. By way of this…show more content…
The options available are a simple phone call, a text message, a multimedia message or a video call. The most popular one used nowadays is text messages. Even though using text messages can come in handy when in certain situations, like being in a noisy facility, or a place of business that requires peace and quiet, people are really missing out on the experiences of social interactions amongst one another. Although it can be helpful, this form of communication has taken a toll on the society and is causing a generation of laziness. A great example would be family members of the same household using text messaging to contact one another when they are located in different rooms of the
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