Effects Of Breaking A Bad Habit

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A habit is an action a person must perform without even thinking about it. Bad habits have a tendency to be very hard to break and that is because a person has an involuntary response to do whatever the habit is. Many people carry around bad habits such as biting fingernails, smoking cigarettes, and drinking alcohol. Although a person that bites their fingernails will not have as much trouble as a person who is trying to quit smoking; it will still be difficult to break their habit. A person’s bad habits can be caused by any trigger which includes stress, being nervous and even for comfort. It is typical for someone to not realize they are forming a bad habit until it is too late. People who have formed bad habits must have a want to change before attempting to conquer over it, otherwise they will quit and go right back to their habit. Even though breaking a bad habit seems challenging it is possible for everyone, no matter what the trigger is.
Particularly it is common for someone who bites their fingernails to do it because of anxiety. When a person with this habit gets anxious they gnaw on
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Someone who drinks on a regular basis, usually does not even know that they have made it a bad habit for themselves. Most of the time people that have made this habit obtain it from one of their parents. This person may even have unresolved issues with that parent that resulted in the consumption of alcohol to begin with. Once it becomes a habit their body is used to consuming large amounts of alcohol on a regular basis, which means when they stop their body will go through withdrawals making it very difficult for them to continue quitting. Their withdrawals include painful headaches, becoming nauseous, and even insomnia. Even though the withdrawals can be painful and challenging to overcome stopping this habit will greatly improve their life and relationships with