Effects Of Bioterrorism

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Bioterrorism The term bioterrorism stands for a form of an unlawful use and intentional release of disease causing and harmful agents called biological agents. These agents include germs like bacteria and viruses. The bioterrorists in this field also use of other agents like chemical and nuclear bombs. Bioterrorism is also referred to as germ warfare. Many biological agents are found in the environment and the bioterrorists modify them making them more dangerous. These agents cause infections and can be transmitted from person to person (Espejo & Thomson, 2013). This discussion will discuss the potential impacts and analyze the potential risks of bioterrorism on a health care organization. It will as well state some of the strategies that can address this issue and mention some of the roles of a healthcare manager in addressing it. The potential impact of bioterrorism includes both emotional and behavioral consequences. Its occurrence brings about psychological disturbances, post traumatic Stress to the affected people, anxiety disorders and a lot of depression. The effects at times are also fatal as small quantities of these biological agents released can kill or…show more content…
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