Effects Of Binge Drinking

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Philip Dhanens, 18 year old college freshman, went to his fraternity party and was forced to participate in a hazing ritual. He was locked in a room filled with liquor and told he wasn’t to leave until all the alcohol was gone. Philip Dhanens had only been in college for two weeks before binge drinking caused his death (Quigley). Binge drinking in the past has been a major issue with college students, and has continued to become a social norm on college campuses all across the United States. In fact the rate has hovered above fourty percent for two decades and the numbers are still rapidly rising. This is taking over campuses both large and small. Campus police could reduce the rate in binge drinking if they allowed officers to be present at…show more content…
This is the most common form of alcohol consumption, especially in youth under the age of 21. Just within the last month there has been 85 plus alcohol related incidents, and over half involved freshman according to the University of Mississippi’s crime report. Instances such as these could have easily resulted in death, hence 1, 825 college students die each year from alcohol. Drinking is not only harmful to students bodies, but aslo academic performaces. A personal testimony came fromer freshamn here at Ole Miss stating how drinking during the begining of his collge career resulted in missing class, doing poorly on exams, and haveing a lower grade in classses overall. According to many freshman students here at the University of Mississippi, alcohol is the way to have fun at social events such as parties and other night activities on campus, the beverage itself is believed to help break the…show more content…
There isn’t one without the other; and the pairing appears to be a very common, yet popular combination. Social events, particularly parties here at the University of Mississippi begins early throughout the week. From observation, Thursday’s begins the weekend; and with weekends there are parties. The “weekend” is usually a long one that lasts until Sunday, and freshman students take great joy in participating in every gathering from start till finish. It should be mandatory that a notice is given to the University 's Police Department weeks prior to the party. This method can raise awareness while also giving the Police Dept. ample time to prepare for and avoid underage drinking. It would then become their responsibility to provide sufficient security who strictly enforces the underage drinking and minor in possession laws. To ensure that the job is smooth and successful everyone that is the age 21 and older should be given wristbands to notify the bartender that they are of the legal age to consume alcohol. The wristbands should also be color coded for the level of intoxication the individual is in. As a way of monitoring the wristband and safety of the party members, they should come equipped with a maximum of three tabs. This particular quantity because three is the number in which binge drinking begins to develop in women, and should adjust to the men 's consumption rate of five
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