Effects Of Bad Management On Employees

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Yuliya Lahodzich
Eng 111-0004
John Etheridge

 Effects of bad management on employees and company itself
 Have you ever been into an establishment and received horrible customer service? Do you believe that this is the employee’s fault, or is it the entire staff’s fault? Many believe that if a mistake has been made, then the fault is solely on that employee himself. When in reality, it is priorly the management’s fault and concern to correct a mistake and/or try to prevent one. On top of that, management is responsible for any misconduct behavior from clienteles or employees, because without any correction from management the entire establishment can be effected. In any organization, the employees reflect the internal processes of the company. Bad management leads to numerous problems in a business, such as poor customer service, reduced productivity, low morale, stress and tension in the team, as well…show more content…
Deadlines are coming, work is not performed in time, people come to work just to wait until the end of the shift. Good employees will soon start to look for a new job, and eventually, an angry manager is left with less skilled personnel.
 As a result of inefficient management, company spends unnecessary money on training new employees. which often are quick to find another job, because they are not satisfied with work conditions in the company. 
 The employees are first to experience negative consequences of poor management, then clients. 
an angry manager cannot create an exciting work atmosphere. That leads to failure of the management, and he can take it out personally on the employee.
 Another sign of a bad manager is hiring low-skilled workers. This has to do with feeling threatened by a new employee who can outshine him, and possibly take his position in the
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