Effects Of Arsenic Essay

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Since arsenic contributes to some of the deaths in the world, it can also create an economic loss. As a result of these deaths, Gross Domestic Product will decrease because the deaths lead to less productivity. According to the World Health Organization an average person in the U.S can lose up to 11 to 18 years due to arsenic related health issues. This amount of years can definitely cut in to a person’s working years or cause early health problems. People will fall short of paying their medical bills because they aren’t prepared to have such issues at early ages, due to physical disability or permanent illness. Not only will this problem cause the GDP to decrease, but it will also bring among a health cost burden within the country. Social costs can face a high rise as a result of arsenic exposure. As we already know life expectancy in the world is always increasing, which means the retirement age will also start to increase. So the projected amount of income that the U.S is calculating can possibly decrease because of arsenic damage. Healthcare is already an issue, but with th...
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