Effects Of Amanda Wingfield And Tennessee Williams's 'The Glass Menagerie'

Dad will you ever come back?

Fathers are what keep the family safe. They put food on the table and in some occasions they are the ones that you go to ask for advice. They always try their hardest to protect you and keep the monster in your closet away. But sometimes the fathers cant take the burden of doing these things for you or your family so he decides to leave and never come back. He isn’t there to give you advice, to provide food for the family or to keep the family safe. This in turn could have a major effect on anyone who was raised without a father. Just like it did with Tom Wingfield, Laura Wingfield and Amanda Wingfield from “The Glass Menagerie”. You could see how the departure of their father effected them through out the play.
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Making the play a memory play. Which could mean that he left something out or he just decided not to add certain things to the play. Or maybe he just choose not to remember certain things because of what his father did. Like one for example Tennessee never gives us the real name of his father. It could have been a situation of depression which (7)“can also cause short-term memory loss and difficulty concentrating. It notes that other signs of depression include withdrawal from family, friends and favorite activities as well as changes in grades and sleep patterns.” Tennessee could have going back to those memories of him as a kid being without a father and not wanting to relive it every time he would read his play, he decided not to add these things to his play. Even though Tennessee’s father didn’t actually leave him as a child he was a drunk and was never around because just like Toms father he too traveled a lot. His father was also a short tempered man who would have liked to resolve his problems with fists instead of words. So having an absent father who when was present was abusive affected Tennessee a great deal. He was rejected by his dad because he got a disease that made him weak. (8)”Being abused as a child cripples self-worth and may result in lowered expectations of yourself and how you allow others to treat you. This can make the survivor of childhood abuse an easy mark for even more abuse as an adult.” As you can see this made Tennessee into a much stronger person. He overcame all the negatives in his life and became one of the best play writes in the 20th century. So even though Tennessee used his absent father for good it still effected

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