Effects Of African American Imperialism

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Imperialism and Colonization in Africa The expansion of a nation has almost always been necessary for its survival. The colonization of America, Africa, the Middle East, India, and East Asia are such examples. While the colonization of one place generally means the continued prosperous life of another, such an idea is lost when the act becomes a violent struggle of deception and power. This loss of humanity is clearly seen in Joseph Conrad’s “Heart of Darkness”. Imperialism and colonization led to a complete disruption to the inhabitants of the Congo and resulted in retaliation by the natives and the suffering of many people. As a generalized idea, the purpose of colonization was to gain resources. Raw materials, economic expansion, …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the congo's ambushes, murders, and killings of colonists in africa explain their oppression.
  • Describes the points of money, power, resources, social expansion, and world progression if it only caused the suffering of others.
  • Analyzes how the colonization of america, africa, the middle east, india, and east asia is a violent struggle of deception and power.
  • Explains that european nations wielded the idea of progressing primitive areas and lifting up those who had not yet experienced the knowledge found outside their habitat.
  • Analyzes how conrad's depiction of savagery is a clear result of the imperialism and colonization of africa.
  • Analyzes how the colonization of africa proved to be a great feat than originally planned.

The colonies of Europe spread to many other parts of Africa led to political involvement and eventually caused the establishment of the African Resistance due to the exponential growth of the colonies. With the spread of imperialism gaining momentum due to the ever increasing need for resources such as raw materials and slave labor, the African government soon got involved which soon created a great political issue between the Africa and the European nations that were colonizing Africa. The deception of the African governments led to a rise in military organization in Africa. For instance, many European nations, during or after colonizing an area, would issue treaties to the leaders or chiefs of the city states, towns, or nations that inhabited that the natives the treaties would signify cooperation between the European nations and the inhabitants of the area. To the colonists, the treaties would symbolize a complete surrender to the will of the …show more content…

Though the colonization of another nation has many benefits to the colonials’ home, its costs are much greater rather than not, and the benefits of colonization could not be reaped due to the disagreements between the colonists and natives, as is in the case of Africa and the African Congo. As such, the colonization of Africa proved to be a great feat than originally planned ;colonization led to deception, which led to great violence, which ended in an abundance of death and no a complete waste of resources. Why then, was it so important to build oneself

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