Effectiveness of Criminals on Parole

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Probation is something or a release of an offender from detention. If you are on probation they will be supervised by a parole officer that keeps up with what the criminal is doing. People on Probation can get off by good behavior and by doing what’s right. Using probation and parole, Is for a good use only nothing bad unless your behavior is bad. Probations and Parole is such a great use to the U.S because it has good alternatives, keeps people out of trouble, and sometimes changes people lifestyle.

The government needs to help

The government is supposed to keep the society safe, living in this world it is important to make sure there is justice. It is very imperative to make sure people are being taught the difference between right and wrong. The police need to do more in keeping our city safe. The governments need to make sure an excellence criminal justice system is put in place to convey righteousness.


One form of punishment is probation. Probation allows criminals to be punished but they still have the chance to interact with the community. Criminals that are on probation will be supervised by a parole officer. People that are placed on probation are feared by the community. The community doesn’t feel safe that criminals are allowed to still interact on the outside world.

Average Probation Violation

“The average probation violation leads to no punishment at all” (probation). An intermittent probation violation is about six months behind bars. Many people will change during probation but a lot of people do not change. They do not change because they’re not use to following rules that are set in place for them. For example they have to come in at a certain time of the night; they...

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...give probation and parole to the individuals who have minor charges and are doing well in jail, the state will have more room for real convicts. It also will stimulate more money to the economy because they will not have to worry about housing the criminals.

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