Effectiveness Of Social Work Services

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Research is a necessity when it comes to providing services. Social Workers need it to be able to determine their clients ' needs, to see what resources/services they have access to and if their client doesn 't have much access where can they get it. Research is also used to see how effective an intervention is and whether it would be a right fit for their clients. It provides social service agents with ways to identify problems within their clients, communities, organizations, and the government. Also it helps them to create ways to aid in effective change. It is very beneficial when a social worker needs to "assess the needs and resources of people in their environments, evaluate the effectiveness of social work services in meeting people 's needs, demonstrate relative cost and benefits of social work services, advance professional education in light of changing context for practice, understanding the impact of legislation and social policy on the clients and communities we serve" (Social Work Policy Institute, 2014). The history of research in social work goes all the way back to Mary Ellen Richmond. Mary is regarded as the pioneer of social work. Born in 1861, Mary was raised by her grandmother and her aunts after the death of her parents. She finished high school at the age of sixteen then moved from Baltimore to New York with one of her aunts. After living in New York for a while she went back to Baltimore to live. Shortly after she began working for Baltimore 's Charity Organization Society (COS) as their Assistant Treasurer. Charity Organization Society provided help to disable, needy, and poor populations "The primary emphasis of the COS movement was to employ a 'scientific ' approach to cope with the expanding problems... ... middle of paper ... ...thing else. Also they let some of their biases and prejudice feeling about African American people cloud their judgement. They could have used a males from all different racial backgrounds infected with syphilis but they choice not to. They did not receive consent from the participants who were unknowingly participants. Lastly, they caused harm to the participants by withholding treatment. This case was just one of many unethical cases in history that reflect the dire need for research regulations. Research has been very crucial to Social Work practices as far back as 1917 with Mary Richmond. It provided social workers with resources and possible interventions that can help their clients. But with all the greatness that is research ethical codes are need to keep researchers in boundaries that way there cannot be a repeat of unethical studies like the Tuskegee study.
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