Effectiveness Of Peer Assessment

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Second, peer assessment is a process in which students evaluate their peers’ performance during group work or in class (Kane & Lawler cited in Lee & Lim, 2012). The credibility and effectiveness of peer evaluation are supported by many studies showing that peer evaluation is as valid as instructors’ evaluations (Wever et al., 2011). Peer evaluation is also reported to encourage individual responsibility (Liu et al., 2002) and to provide students the opportunity to reflect on their own work and to compare their work with that of others, which enhances students’ meta-cognitive perception (Topping et al., 2000). Peer evaluation, however, has also been criticized with respect to fairness. Brindley and Scoffield (1998) report that when the peers…show more content…
The table below describes the sources and their criterion in brief.

Table 2.2. The Three PjBL Assessment (Mansoor et al., 1997)

Assessment Strategy
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1. Tell your classmate one thing that really worked
2. Ask your classmate a question about one thing you did not understand
3. Tell your classmate one thing she/he can do to improve his/her writing /performance Assessment can be part of the team work 1. Examine a team member’s writing and offer suggestion for revision
2. Watch oral performances during the practice period and offer help or suggestion Learners can assess final performance and products Watch each other and assess the final ferformance/product of their peers
Teacher assessment Assessment needs to provide information that is meaningful and useful 1. Why are you doing a project?
2. What do you want to learn?
3. Who needs to know about the assessment? What do they need to know? Measurable criteria are important and learners need to know and understand the criteria from the beginning of the project 1. How do your criteria relate to the project objective?
2. Are the criteria levels appropriate?
3. Are they achievable within the time frame set up for the project work? Identify levels of performance and describe what those level mean 1. What is the model of excellent work for the level of your
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