Effectiveness Of Health Care Services

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Effectiveness of health care services relies on the understanding of complex relationship between health status, functioning and disability. Having this knowledge, one practitioner can effectively implement appropriate treatment plans that will show improve patient’s quality of life and elicit positive functional outcomes. (Kisner & Colby, 2012, p.4). Understanding patient condition, his environment and all other aspects that will greatly impact his progress towards goal should always be a necessity in order to achieve goals. World Health Organization’s (WHO) International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) disablement model integrated patient’s clinical situation as well as social environment to shape perceptions of health, disability, wellness and illness (Jewell, 2015, p.9). ICF’s main goal is to have universal language and framework for collection of data for practice in research, wherein it shows the patients daily routine and how they function in everyday aspect of their life other than the disease entity itself; which compliments the International Classification of Diseases(ICD) (APTA, 2014). Hence, ICF model is the outcomes of interactions between health conditions (diseases, injuries and disorders) and contextual factors (external environmental and internal personal factors) (WHO, 2002). Kisner and Collby (2012, p.5) stated the model consists of two basic parts; functioning and disability, wherein functioning means ability of body to participate in life’s activities and disability is the result of impairments in body structures, and the second part is contextual factors (environmental and personal factors). Qualifiers which shows the severity and presence of a problem at the body, person and soci... ... middle of paper ... ...ght affect her life in the future put the patient very interested in participating and complying with PT intervention. “To be a master, one needs to become a servant first”. This is one thing I truly believe in this profession. If you wanted to become more effective as a physical therapist, first, you should know your patient inside and out, with all the aspects that involves patient. ICF disablement model assist us not to only use our clinical knowledge, but to interact with our patients more diligently. And in doing so, you are “serving” them the appropriate medical care they needed, and in return, the more you practice using disablement model, the more you can hone your skills as a practitioner. In the end, it is not only these patients who benefitted from the services that we adequately and efficiently cater, but also to ourselves, to the community and society.
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