Effectiveness Of Advertising On Advertising

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Title of the project report

Effectiveness of Advertisement in Telecom Industry on consumers with reference to Airtel.

Objectives of the study

I. To study types of advertisements.
II. To study effectiveness of advertisements i.e. on sales, profitability.
III. To study the perception of consumers towards the product due to advertisement.
IV. To find the ways to make it more effective.

Reaserch Methodology

Research Design
The research design is Descriptive studies. Descriptive studies are well structured, they tend to be rigid and its approach cannot be changed every now and then. Descriptive studies are undertaken in many circumstances:
1. When the researcher is interested in knowing the characteristics of certain groups such as age, profession.
2. When the researcher is interested in knowing the proportion of people in given population who have behaved in a particular manner, making projection of certain things.
The objective of this kind of study is to answer the why, who, what, when and how of the subject under consideration. I have taken descriptive because my research includes the knowing the behaviour of customer towards advertisement. I have analyzed how people of various age group respond to different advertising or their perception towards advertisement.
Data Source
The sources of data are Primary and secondary.
The primary data are the questionnaires filled and collected.
The secondary data are the books and journals, and the company guide.
Research Instrument
The research instrument used is Questionnaire
Sample design
The same design used is random sample design. The questionnaires were distributed to random people but only 100 were taken into consideration.

Sample size
The sample size is 100

Sample e...

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...gh age group people.

VI. National advertisement has more influence on consumer’s perception about the product instead of local advertisement.

VII. Advertisement increases the sales of any product.

Recommendations and Conclusion

I. Advertisement should be made with keeping the determinants of effectiveness in mind.

II. Advertisement should be according to the product and its suitability with different age groups.

III. To make advertisement more effective all the determinants of effectiveness should be taken care of. The determinants are STILL IMAGE , MOVING IMAGE, ENTERTAINMENT, INFORMATION, LANGUAGE, CELEBRITY, INTENSITY, SOCIAL ISSUE, NATIONAL ADS, LOCAL ADS.

IV. Investment in advertisement should be made with great care of media of advertisement and type of advertisement.

V. Advertisers should develop new and more effective ways of advertisement.

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