Effectiveness And Development Of Children With Autism

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Michael a seven year old child seems to have ASD- Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Autism ranges from severely involved to those who are mildly affected. He displays various symptoms of autism, he does not respond to his name, he is unable to follow through in a simple task, he repeats words that are modeled to him and he does not seem to take an interest in other children who are in his surroundings. Michael does not respond to others facial cues and will tantrum if his desires are not met out of frustration of not being understood. He is unable to play with toys as a regular child his age and does repetitive movements with his toy that he has lined up.
Autism is commonly labeled as a developmental handicap in the brain that impedes on normal communication and interaction within society. Children with autism exhibit minimal play skills and others have limited eye contact. They prefer to be alone, constantly have tantrums and laugh or cry for no apparent reason. They resist change and insist on sameness. An individual may display echolalia, in which the child will repeat what is said to him, for example if his mother says “Hi Michael”, then Michael will respond “Hi Michael”; which Michael has done this before. Michael has also shown self-stimulatory behaviors. (Keebler, 2003)
Parents play an important role in the effectiveness and development of children with autism. Behavioral strategies can be implemented to help their children. An example is Applied Behavioral analysis- where parents can learn how to properly implement behavioral treatment directly, which emphasizes behavior modification through changes in environmental antecedents and consequences, most often through the use of positive reinforcement techniques. Pivotal Response T...

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...ough verbal speech or the pictures alone. It is important to use a child’s particular reinforcers, in order to motivate her in participating in activities. Instead of just pointing out to the child what not to do, teach him strategies and ways he can get what he wants in a socially accepted way, by providing the child with short breaks or a systematic system of rewards for his compliance. Because children with ASD have difficulty responding sensory stimuli, recommended by Sl therapists, should be incorporated on a daily basis a sensory diet for the child. The use of sensorimotor therapy for children who have a severe case of autism, who do not communicate verbally, is strongly recommended. Teachers and parents should be aware that these children have difficulty in adequate motor skills, and therefore use computer to do schoolwork and classwork can be very helpful.
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