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In today's commercial society, all organisations are pursuing the effective management. Watson (1930) mentions that the outstanding leader is an essential element for any organisation. In this essay, it will clearly describe that the meaning of “Effective Leadership”. Furthermore, it will through the perspective of sociology and psychology to explain which factors could positively affect or improve the Effective Leadership. In the old society, leader would generally be defined as the people who have the ability to change the prevailing social environment, also as a “Great Man” in that same time. Carneiro (1981) quoted the Great Man theory that whether in wisdom, intelligence, charm and political skills, the great man are always relatively better than ordinary people. He also mentions that the leader is the product of their society and their successes would be impossible without the conditions of prevailing social environment. Therefore, characteristics and skills of the leader will be different in each generation. Bhugra (2013) defines that a leader is someone who holds a dominant or superior within its field, is able to exercise an excellent of control over the members, and also be able to motivate other individuals to become better. According to the Meta analysis by Judge, Bono, Lilies and Gerhardt (2002), leaders in nowadays generally have the characteristics of the “Big Five Factors”, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stable and Openness. Their analysis showed that overall correlation is 0.58, there are a quite strong positive relationship between Big Five Factors and Effective leadership. As stated by the Great Man theory, in the old society, people generally believe that all leaders and their abiliti... ... middle of paper ... ...her self-image of leader, which can help them become more persuasive in his or her work. Secondly, leader should always know what is the need of the members, thus to create the most efficient and suitable leadership style. In social factor, the essays mentioned absolutely necessary for the leader to analysis the external environment of the industry. It can let the leader be able to access the risk of his decision. Moreover, it can lead his or her organisation to become success. As a great man theory said, the characteristics of leadership are different in each generation. In order to achieve the effective of leadership, as a leader, he or she must have the courage of try and the pursuit of transformation. Through the above psychological and social factors, identify the most appropriate and the most acceptable management style to create the most effective leadership.

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