Effective communication and its importance to supervision

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Effective Communication and its Importance to Supervision

Communication can often be overlooked and good communication skills can be easily assumed. If there is a lack of effective communication within an organization it can potentially affect every process. Every aspect and function of an organization relies on communication in some form. A supervisor must realize that only by ensuring effective communication can they have the proper expectations from their employees. Employees must receive adequate instruction, understand what their responsibility contains, and never feel as if they cannot talk to their supervisor. Supervisors and employees should be able to share information openly and always be certain that a message has been understood. A supervisor must also be able to receive and fully understand messages from upper management as well as every member of the organization. Communication skills should develop as a top priority since they are interrelated to every aspect of an organization. Minimizing barriers and being conscious of them is essential to good communication. This paper stresses the value and significance that effective communication has in the workplace.

Effective Supervision Depends on Communication

A system of communication is a tool of management that should provide an opportunity for communication within the organization between various levels. In carrying managerial functions of planning, coordination, direction and motivation, management must communicate with managers and operating personnel. Effective communication provides data for effective decision making. Delegation of authority should be discussed and exchanged (Rayudu, 2010, P.229-230). Communication is essential to every aspect of the busines...

... middle of paper ... to first understand the communication expectations the organization has of them and to improve skills when necessaryā€¯. In order for a supervisor to communicate effectively they must take multiple aspects into consideration. Objectively the supervisor will be able to create the proper environment and understand the intricacies involved in communicating with all employees.


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