Effective Teaching Essay

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Good pedagogy is one of the main elements that are embedded in the definition of effective teaching. There are many main components of effective teaching, exceptionally effective primary teachers are those who show all features. Pedagogical content knowledge is essential to teaching in primary settings. Teachers should have a deep knowledge of the subjects they are teaching in the national curriculum if the teacher’s knowledge does not meet a certain standard it may have a significant impact on the students’ progress. Teacher’s must also meet the inclusion needs of the national curriculum to provide effective learning opportunities to all pupils, teachers can use their pedagogical learning styles to adapt and modify the lessons if needed…show more content…
Effective teachers shouldn’t wait for assessment results to determine what their students know or don’t know, an effective teacher should gather their own information through quality of instruction. Quality of instruction is the extent to which the instruction to be given is appropriate to the learner (Bloom, 1976, pp, 10-11) cited in (Squires, 2009). Effective questioning and use of assessment by teachers is ways that students outcomes can be achieved, teachers ask questions to encourage critical thinking skills, effectively assess the nature of their learning and building confidence within the students. Effective questioning builds students thinking by encouraging students to reflect on their idea and concepts and compare them with other pupils. Questions from teachers can help them understand what the students know and need to improve upon, this can help the teacher to set out and plan tasks for students to learn and develop in a certain subject. Use of assessment in primary classroom is seen as another effective use of quality of instruction, an effective teacher should use assessment tools before, after and during the instruction process. The assessment process could be ‘learning to read’, At each point of the assessment process it will give teachers the information they need to make judgments to provide the students with information they may need…show more content…
Additional to this teachers must also recognise how different students learn and adapt activities that have a wide variety and interest that can suit all learners, teachers can consider the theories for learning when teaching primary children. Behavioral learning theory is used mainly on managing behavior, Pavlov (1927) is the one of the theorists behind this behaviorist theory. He found that ringing a bell could induce salivation in dogs even when there was no food present, if the dog was trained that the bell was associated with food. The Teachers can use behavioral reinforcers in a primary setting to help children learn, for example a teacher can set out a social reinforcer by simply smiling or frowning or the teacher could also offer a tangible reinforcer by rewarding the pupil with a sticker. Reinforcing a child on good behavior is a positive way for children to learn, if a behaviour is followed by positive reinforcement it is more likely the good behaviour will reoccur. Challenging behaviour cannot be changed if good behaviour is not reinforced. For example if a teacher sees a child helping another child with work, reinforcement from the teacher should be made here such as ‘praise’. Praise can spur us on to
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