Effective Employee Relations: A Philosophy Of Employees In The Organization

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Employee relation is a philosophy to manage employees in organization. Effective employee relation is based on attitudes and skills of management rather than prescribed management function (CIPD, 2016). Employee relation is latest term that prevailing in today’s environment instead of industrial relation. Due to the increase of white color job in service sector and increasing importance of individual security and reward, is the reason to introduce employee relation term (Daniels, 2006). Different researchers or authors use different terms for employee relation such as “employment relation” was used by Rose, 2008, employment relationship is used by Lewis et al, 2003, whereas Daniels,2006, Blyton and Turnbull, 2004, Hollinshead et al.,2003 were agreed on term “employee relation”. Employee relation is the combination of social, legal, economic, political and psychological relationship between employee and employer in which an employee is agree to provide his or her mental or physical efforts in return of agreed financial or non financial rewards (Lewis et al, 2003). Organizational success is depends on many factors and employee relation is one of the most important factor that enable organization to achieve their goals efficiently.
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According to Dicker, 2003, employee relation motivates employees to work in a team and as a result it increases the efficiency of team work. Employee relation increases the loyalty and commitment of employees towards their tasks and organization (Whilst Rose, 2008). So in spite of alternative views the main objective of making good relation with employees is the main ingredient to get employees dedication toward their

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