Effective Communication: The Characteristics Of Leadership And Communication

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Leadership and Communication
For decade’s individuals, companies, and organizations have spent an unprecedented amount of money on researching, molding, modeling and working to define what a leader is and what characteristics make successful leaders. With all the research, there is not a quick answer or even full agreement as to what makes an individual an effective leader. Although, in a majority of the research a common theme is occurring: communication.
Communication. Easy, right? When you think quickly about communication, you might think, I do this every day. Can there really be that much involved? Academic literature and popular press texts suggest that effective communication is arrived at only if the communicator
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A good leader understands the importance of sharing the organizational message at all levels. Employees feel empowered when they are able to communicate the institutional message. Leaf, G. E. (2007)
An effective communicator will have a technique receive to feed back. In successful, open communication there must be a way for the team to give valuable feedback. The leader must employ timely and mutual feedback to gain trust. It is important for the leader to be willing to listen to criticism from employees. Mayfield, J & Mayfield, M. (2002)

Barriers to communication. For each of the skills needed for effective communication there is a known barrier to prevent it. It has been my experience that listening, active listening is the most common barrier to communication. This is a learned skill and that takes practice to be efficient. In many of the organizational meetings, I am involved with; there is a lot of noise that prevents actively listening. These meetings rarely take into account the whole audience, environment or a valuable feedback loop. Without a whole organization embracing communication as part of Talent Management I believe it will be hard to convert our seasoned leaders. I am looking forward to employing some