Effective Communication Habits

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Abstract An employee has sent out an email complaining openly about another employee. Management sees the need to address this email. It is apparent that effective communication is not being utilized. The memo sent out by management suggests different ideas for increasing positive and constructive communication among employees and management alike. A training class in communication is put together and is to be presented by a prominent well know instructor. Another subject addressed is the departmental task force report submitted for review. This report was subpar in content, structure, critical thinking, and over all writing skills. Effective Communication Habits This memo is to all work group employees. It seems that an email was sent out detailing some complaints one employee had about another. This email was sent to all employees in the department. Management would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that should a problem arise, then it is to be addressed in open and non-confrontational communication between the persons involved. If a resolution cannot be found then please feel free to get with any member of management for assistance in addressing the problem. Furthermore, a problem should never be openly discussed with members of the department that are not directly involved. The discussion of such problems in a negative (complaining) manner will only lead to the person being talked about having their feelings hurt or embarrassment. These feeling can lead to anger and resentment. If you cannot discuss issues in a constructive, none-confrontational manner, then the problem will most likely escalate as opposed to being resolved. In addition, there are several resourc... ... middle of paper ... fully utilize the task force in the spirit it was created. First, the task force will meet twice a week for planning and discussion between members. Second, a task force leader will be appointed. This leader will proof read all future reports before turning in the final copy. Finally, the task force leader will meet with manage ment to review the final report. Remember, effective communication wether verbal or written is citical in todays business enviroment. Works Cited Coleman, J. D. (n.d.). Jennifer Coleman. Retrieved from Effective Communication. (2004). Retrieved from Fisher, A., & Scriven, M. (2002). Critical Thinking. Its Definition and Assesment. Argumentation, 16(2), 20. doi: 10.1023/A:1015597228975
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