Effective Communication And Communication

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Introduction: Communication plays a big role in our everyday lives. Effective Communication is essential to know how to do within our lives today. Within the workplace communication and leadership go hand and hand. There are so many different forms of communication that a leader needs to take into perspective. The most important forms of communication are verbal, nonverbal, and listening.
Effective Leadership: With effective leadership a person has to know how to verbally communicate with others. Being able to communicate with people face- to-face and communicate effectively. When situations arise they need to know what to say, and how to address it, being able to watch the pitch in your voice when speaking with others, and be able to watch the pitch in the person you’re dealing with. Also, nonverbal communication is very
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It will tell a lot about a person or their emotions toward something without even saying one word. When a person is in a position of leadership they have to be effective within communicating with the individuals they work with, as well as the people they are trying to help. A leader has to stand for something. As stated within an article I was reading it stated that “a person within a leadership position has values that are clear and solid, and how they communicate promotes those values. (Froshheiser, 2015)” I truly believe that. Great leaders began to gain followers that stand for the same values. When working on a team within the workplace having someone that is superior to you that is effective within communication and leadership, is someone with great gratitude that works well with others, and strengthens his team. Being a great leader is someone that is willing to help others work on their skills to better themselves. A big part of effective
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