Effective After-school Programs

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Children who are subject to negative or bad environments are more prone to engaging in drugs and alcohol. There are many programs that bring awareness and prevention to alcohol and drugs. The South Carolina Afterschool Alliance program provides groups and organizations with an effective after-school program plan. The after-school programs are essential in promoting awareness and prevention of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, abstinence, and violence to young children or adolescents. The South Carolina Afterschool Alliance program strives to reach the community and explain the importance of after-school programs. They provide information and guidelines to organizations and groups on how to have effective after-school programs. The program provides activities and lesson plans to engage children by having fun and learning at the same time. Making after-school activities different from school lessons determines the effectiveness of the programs. . The overall goal of the South Carolina Afterschool Alliance is to establish a statewide network of diverse stakeholders that will guide, support, and enable quality after school services and policies for all children and youth (ASCAA, 1969). Guide and support are the two main effective tools keeping children involved in after-school programs instead of drugs or gangs. Children who are subject to walking home alone or staying at home by themselves in bad drug invested neighborhoods endure more influences to drug use than suburban areas. Typically, poverty stricken homes are in social environments where drugs and violence are frequent. Mooney, Knox, & Schacht (2011) write, “Drugs are a social problem not only because of their adverse effects on individuals but also because of the negat... ... middle of paper ... ...ren go home to an empty lonely home with no food. For some children after-school programs are all the hope they have. It only takes one person to influence change on a child’s life. Works cited: Benavente, J. (2006). After school activities can change a child’s life. Colorado State University Extension. Family and Consumer Science, Adams County (1pg). Retrieved from: http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/columncc/cc060905.html Mooney, L., Knox, D., & Schacht, C. (2011). Understanding Social Problems. Wadsworth Cengage Learning. 8-16. Web resources: ASCAA. (1969). South Carolina After School Alliance. Retrieved from: http://www.scafterschool.com/index.php?pageid=3 Learning Point Associates, Top Five Reasons Afterschool Programs Are on the Rise. (1pp). Retrieved from: http://www.learningpt.org/pdfs/afterschool/TopFiveReasons.pdf
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