Effect of technology on business communication

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There has been a huge increase globally in the use of technologically mediated communication in business in recent years and it also effected on the business environment in Afghanistan and will continue up to next ten to fifteen years. Technology has significant affect on business communication especially in Afghanistan. According to Walden University College of Management and Technology, communication through email, text messaging, instant messaging and social networking have significant effect on business communication (Morley, 2008). The topic mainly covers about effects of technology on business communications, role of technology on business communication, positive and negative effects of technology on business communication, advantages of business communication, and disadvantages of business communication globally and especially in Afghanistan. Moreover, Afghanistan is getting affected through technology in terms of business communication in recent years and will be affected on next year’s because technology made business communication easy and fast.
First, technology has provided faster and reliant business communication around the world in recent years such as Afghanistan. Now in Afghanistan and any other countries you can speak to your employee who is traveling in other country; also, you can speak to your supplier who is in another country around the world. Similarly, at the moment in Afghanistan and other countries you can contact through email and text messages; in this case Walden University states that now businessman can communicate to other people around the world easily with no time zone and language issue through internet (Morley, 2008). Another effect of technology is that it has expanded communication opportuni...

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