Effect of Moving on Autistic Children

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Children with autism have extreme difficulty with change. The basis of struggles for most autistic children are any deviations from their original plan and any stress put on them (Autism Speaks Inc.). When families relocate, either by choice or necessity, autistic children really struggle.
Facts show that people with autism have some sort of abnormality in their brain (Autism Speaks Inc.). Many researchers believe that the wiring of their brains are off, causing miscommunication between cells (Organization for Autism Reasearch). This causes social awkwardness and strange behaviors. Many scientists have found that autistic children have too many nerve fibers. Even with the extra fibers, their brain still has trouble with communication. (Autism Speaks Inc.) Mind boggling, right?
When born, autistic children have abnormally small brains, by age four their brains are bigger than most their age, while other children are rapidly developing at age five, autistic children’s brain growth is moving very slow leaving autism very noticeable by age six (Autism Speaks Inc.). At age four, they m...