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1) There is a drear and lonely tract of hell
2) From all the common gloom removed afar:
3) A flat, sad land it is, where shadows are,
4) Whose lorn estate my verse may never tell.
5) I walked among them and I knew them well:
6) Men I had slandered on life's little star
7) for churls and sluggards; and I knew the scar
8) upon their brows of woe ineffable.
9) But as I went majestic on my way,
10) Into the dark they vanished, one by one,
11) Till, with a shaft of God's eternal day,
12) The dream of all my glory was undone,--
13) And, with a fool's importunate dismay,
14) I heard the dead men singing in the sun.

The composition date isn’t known but the format of the sonnet is:

Edwin Arlington Robinson was born in 1869 and he died in 1935. He was 66 years old when he died.

Edwin Arlington Robinson was born on Dec. 22, 1869, at Head Tide in Maine and until 1897 lived at the family home in Gardiner, Maine, aside from several years as a student at Harvard University.

For the rest of his life he moved in New York and devoted his life to writing poetry.

Robinson earned a small living first as a subway inspector and then in the city's customs office. He resided in rooms at boarding houses in New York and Yonkers, at the Hotel Judson on Washington Square, in Brooklyn at 810 Washington Ave., and at last on West 42nd Street.

His Collected Poems in 1922 received the Pulitzer Prize and earned him a degree as Doctor of Literature at Yale Unive...

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