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Home Life: Edward Teller was born to Jewish parents Max and Ilona Teller January 15, 1908 in Budapest, Hungary. The Tellers were an upper middle class family due to Edward's father being a lawyer. The tellers also had a daughter Emmi who was twenty months older than Edward. Until Edward was four he showed few signs of being exceptionally intelligent in fact there was concern that he may lack even normal intelligence. At four however Edward began to speak in full sentences and show great promise. By age six he was laying in bed at night and work multiplication problems. He soon also showed great promise as a pianist, something he would enjoy throughout his lifetime. By seventeen young Edward had found the young woman whom he would marry. A sixteen year old Augusta Maria nicknamed Mici, who was the sister of a close friend Edward Harkanyi. On February 26, 1934 Edward and Mici were married in a civil ceremony. Formal Education: Edward began formal schooling at the age of six at the Melling School. Edward displayed a curiosity and eccentricity that would lead to awkward moments. Upon hearing the biblical account of how the serpent was made to crawl on its belly as a punishment, young Edward asked how it got around before the punishment was imposed. He would often be absorbed in extended periods of quite concentration going as far as to ask people not to talk to him because he had a problem. This was accepted well by his family but not by classmates. Edward was targeted by older children for pranks. To deal with the bullies Edward asked for a longer book strap, the next day as the bullies approached Edward swung his strapped books in an arc that beat back the bullies. They never bothered him again. Edward atte... ... middle of paper ... ...ouse George test. A failure could mean the end of the program even though Teller already had improvements to be made. One of these was to allow the initial atomic explosion to create the tritium from lithium which would fuse with the deuterium explosively the moment it ws created. On May 8, 1951 the Greenhouse George test was successful on Eniwetok, a small atoll in the Marshall Islands. "Teller messaged Los Alamos: "It's a boy!" Teller had become the "father of the H-bomb." The aftermath: In November of 1951 Teller would leave Los Alamos due to displeasure in the future work to be done on the H-bomb and the timetable that would be used. He returned to the University of Chicago. In March 1952 the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was created. Teller was a major supporter of its foundation and would work there and promote the lab for many years.

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