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• Nurse Edward Sales provided input into this proficiency. He is respected as a subject matter expert in the application of AORN standards and practice. Because of his leadership abilities, he is often sought out to evaluate program and service activities. For example, Mr Sales upon assuming the role of the Urology Lead RN created a standardized preference cards, an effective instrumentation handling process and evaluated the level of familiarity and competency of surgical team in the usage of urology equipment. The implementation of the process lead to decreased cancellation of cases due to compromised instrumentation, failed timely processing of limited specialized scopes and inadequate/incomplete unit preparation of the complex urological…show more content…
His ability to bring interdisciplinary work groups together is exemplary. Other staff and his mentored students have gained skills from observing him bringing the patient safety group together, and his work in resolving ethical dilemmas, as well as his ability to identify educational needs through embracing a scholastic philosophy with all individuals with whom he comes in contact. Through his collegiate approach to problem solving and improving the work environment, he is sought out by the nurse manager in mentoring new nurses and be a preceptor. Mr Sales has completed the mentoring and coaching…show more content…
The urology team has experienced series of practice related concerns (manual pressure pump VS continuous pressurized pump). Patient and staff have reported safety risk incidents relative to the use of manual pump. Mr Sales volunteered to lead a quality improvement initiative related to patient and employee surgical safety. He evaluated the difference between the use of manual pump and continuous pressurized pump by soliciting the assistance of scrub techs, service lead RN/ST, flow coordinator, and medical representatives to collect information to identify a probable root cause of safety risk problems – handling and usage indication in urological surgical cases. He aggregated the data; identified evidence based studies, and provided recommendations to resolve existing problems. His presentation includes proper handling of manual pump, resting in-between long usages of manual pump, and identification of appropriate urological cases when manual pump is highly

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