Edward Manet's Famous Piece, Luncheon on the Grass

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Edward Manet, the French impressionist artists, is considered the father of the modern art. Manet was an influential figure for later impressionists. He updated old master themes and painted contemporary scenes with edge. He painted everyday scene, he painted for his own satisfaction. Manet used revolutionary subject matter to mock the Academic art. He broke the rules for painting historical contexts/convention art in order to free the artists. Manet’s style and techniques has been shocked the public and critics. Luncheon on the Grass of 1863 was one of the famous works by the great artist, Manet. It is an oil painting on canvas and its measurements are 81 x 101 cm. A traditional Salon has rejected it. This painting has been changed how people looked at art. Depicting this significant artworks, highlighting its content and historical framework within the development of art, will help to evaluate Manet’s painting. Luncheon on the Grass depicts luncheon in the open air/nature. Trees and grass surround all figures. In the foreground, there are two fully dressed men and a woman without clothes. Manet used real figures in this painting. The man on the right is his brother. He looked elegant with a white shirt, black jacket, orange tie, grey trousers and black hat. The man on the left is Manet’s brother-in-law. He is wearing black jacket, black tie, white shirt and trousers. This is not a classical context. The nude is not a goddess; she is a specific person, Manet’s model, Victorian. Manet used a body of his wife and the face of Victorian. Her body looks dirty as critics said because of the painting techniques. Manet used dark patches and “all prima” techniques that known as direct painting. He adopted painting with visible brush st... ... middle of paper ... ...ting from Renaissance inspired Edward Manet. In addition, the old artists such as Velazquez and Goya inspired him too. He got inspiration from conventional art about sexuality pose. Therefore, Manet believes that art should reflect ideas of the preset not ideas from the past. However, Edward Manet tended to paint and get inspiration from real life. At first sight I did not like the painting; it shocks me too. When I know the stories behind it, I like it and I found it very interesting. It motivates me to search more and know more about the artist, movement, and painting and what going on in that time. I liked the way that Manet thinks. Manet was so brave to present his painting. He was not afraid to represent the truth, to depict issues that French society suffers from. Change is permanent and that is what Manet comes up with. Manet opens the door for modern art.
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