Edward Albee: Uniting the Realistic Storyline With the Absurd

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Edward Albee's reputation as uniting the absurd storyline with the realistic storyline is beautifully portrayed in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf and The Zoo Story. In both of these plays, the preceding quote could have provided story-changing advice for two characters who did not know how to live life outside of their expectations. In Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf, Nick was a drop of reality poured into an absurd world. Likewise, in The Zoo Story, Peter was that same drop and similar to Nick, had no idea what he was about to experience.

Almost everybody has been out to another person's house for a small get-together. However, it is safe to say that nobody has had an experience similar to Nick's in Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf. In this story Edward Albee was able to take this everyday scenario and bring it to an extreme. The problem with that is, what happens when a character is not ready to be taken to that extreme? In this situation, with some exceptions such as his rendezvous with Martha, Nick is the character who is unwillingly taken to Albee's extreme. Immediately upon arriv...

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