Educator and Human Rights Activist, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois

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There comes a point and time in history when certain individuals excel and stand out above their peers. They fight for humanity and justice as if the hope for tomorrow has started to slip away. They personally take blame and are ridiculed for their beliefs but this does not hamper their efforts as it only gives them more ambition to be heard. As you will see in this paper there is one individual that not only stood for human rights but he stood for a culture that has been repressed for centuries. Born on February 23, 1868 in Great Barrington, Massachusetts William Edward Burghardt Du Bois’s official job titles were to include educator, civil rights activist and journalist (Bolden, 2008). He was known as a social reformer to the psychology world and had practiced social sciences in college. He attended many universities over his career that included Harvard, Fisk and the University of Berlin (Du Bois, 1986). In 1895 he became the very first African American to gain the status of a doctrine from Harvard University which was a remarkable achievement in culture at the time. His passion for the social sciences allowed for him to focus on the problems of racism and segregation which he became interested in while attending Fisk University (Du Bois, 1986). During this time he attended college he was faced with great adversity as the professors were all white along with the majority of his classmates. However, this did not slow him from perusing his contribution to the critical race theory. His contribution was a simple argument of race-consciousness and with the advancement white people made came at the cost of people of color (Bolden, 2008). His argument all along throughout his career was that people of color were repressed and held fro... ... middle of paper ... ... speaker in history. The speaker was another visionary who wanted to follow in the steps of Du Bois and he was Martin Luther King, Jr (Bolden, 2008). Unfortunately for Du Bois he had passed the night before never able to see his dream being fully fulfilled by the next social leaders (Bolden, 2008). His impact may have seemed more work than most would can to undertake but the perseverance paid in bigger dividends than he could have ever imagined. He was truly a pioneer in the world of sociology and the racial quality movement. There are those leaders who emerge with a passion and a dream, those who are not selfish and are willing to put all differences aside for the betterment of the whole. While Du Bois may have given up his American citizenship because he thought he could not make a difference here in the states his impact was greater than he could have ever known.

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