Educational Technology Leader

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Student learning is the ultimate goal of education. As an educational technology leader I must create, promote and sustain a dynamic, digital-age learning culture that provides a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all students ("National Educational Technology Standards," 2009). In order to achieve this I work with my schools to help develop technology plans. According to See (1992), technology plans must focus on a vision of learning; which should be the impetus that drives technology (Bitner and Bitner, 2002). As a classroom teacher I created units of instruction that incorporated many facets of technology which maximized student learning. Whether it was using a computer for word processing, or for research, or using the document camera and projector to engage students I integrated technology into the unit and into our technology plans. It was never the technology itself that was the focus though; it was the student learning that was the goal. My sixth grade classroom was a place that my students had technology-enhanced experiences that addressed content standards and student technology standards. Lessons were constantly being reevaluated to integrate technology. In the first years of my teaching use of technology was limited by the number of computers and other technology resources in the classroom. As time went by and my pursuit of grants and learning increased our resources so did the students technology-enhanced experiences. Students learned how to use a word processing program to type short reports and essays. They turned them in electronically and received them back with comments electronically in their own personal folders. These productivity tools, word processing and electronic submission of work cre... ... middle of paper ... ...d Teacher Education, 10(1), 95-100. Edutopia staff. (2008, March 16). Why integrate technology into the curriculum?: The reasons are many. In Edutopia. Retrieved April 17, 2009, from Gruber, K. (2006). Infusing technology into the elementary classroom. Computers in the Schools, 19(1/2), 149-162. Lynne, B. (2007, March 26). Podcasting in the classroom. In Retrieved April 17, 2009, from National educational technology standards (NETS•S). (2007). ISTE: national education technology standards. Retrieved from See, J. (1992). Developing effective technology plans. In National center for technology planning. Retrieved from
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