Educational Psychologist Case Study

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Hello all. I am Ella Gilford and I am an educational psychologist. Per the American Psychological Association, Educational Psychologists are psychologists who have devoted time studying “how people learn and retain knowledge” (American Psychological Association, 2016). Educational Psychologist are able to apply their knowledge of psychological theories to help improve learning processes and overall student success. They have additional training and education in development and the issues that accompany, and so, educational psychologist can also asses learning and behavioral problems children and adolescents face. Also, Educational Psychologist are able to provide schools and teachers with assistance on teaching approaches and learning…show more content…
Interestingly something as simple as seating or the placement of classroom material can affect the management of the classroom (Snowman & McCown, 2013). This brings up the third question- How are the physical features of the classroom positioned? Areas that will be used by multiple students at a time are considered high-traffic areas. These areas should be spacious enough to keep students from being bunched in a small area. High-traffic areas include the teacher’s desk and pencil sharpener (Snowman & McCown, 2013). Also, visibility should be optimal. The teachers should be able to clearly see the students and the students should be able to see any and all instructional presentations and displays presented. (Snowman & McCown, 2013). This will ensure that the teacher is able to intervene on any behavior that is not acceptable and will ensure that the students are able to see all important material needed for their learning. To ensure the class and instruction time runs smoothly, teaching material and student supplies should be available when needed and accessible (Snowman & McCown, 2013). Lastly, as Snowman and McCown (2013) advise, “the arrangement of the seating, materials, and equipment should be consistent with the kinds of instructional activities the teacher favors” (p.

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