Educational Philosophy

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Educational Philosophy

“He who dares to teach must never cease to learn.”

--Richard Henry Dann

It is impossible to ever cease to learn because complete knowledge can never be attained and it is the nature of human beings to constantly seek new information to better understand the world around them. As Aristotle simply stated, “All men by nature desire knowledge.” It is not solely by our own initiative that we obtain knowledge, but it is also attained through the direction of other people. This therefore places an enormous responsibility for certain individuals to step up as the primary sources of knowledge to further human understanding of the world. These individuals, the teachers, are given the responsibility and privilege of determining the future by educating its inhabitants, the children.

My personal desire is to be able to not only become a teacher, but to become an effective teacher capable of understanding the needs of my students to better educate them. I want to be able to effectively relate information to them in a way that they will not only understand it, but will be able to apply it later in life. My desire is to motivate students to want to learn and extend their own knowledge base. While this was my primary goal in my original philosophy statement, I have modified and more narrowly defined my philosophical views of learning and teaching as I have gathered more information of the two. My philosophy of education is most closely compatible with that of Essentialism, a school of thought which focuses on the necessity of traditional subjects before any other disciplines. Essentialism is characterized by the teacher as the center of the class and the ultimate authority figure. It...

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...that the student is actually understanding and thinking on their own as well. The student will then be able to use this information to accommodate situations in the future.

By keeping in mind that “He who dares to teach must never cease to learn,” I hope to become an effective educator who is able to learn from her students in order to better teach them. My plans for the future include furthering my education at Concord University and obtaining my Bachelors and Masters Degree in elementary education. Because I believe that a strong elementary education is crucial for further education, I want to teach children anywhere from first to sixth grade, preferably in Southern West Virginia. In educating students while they are so young, I hope to instill them with knowledge that I consider not only useful, but necessary to enrich and guide their future.
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