Educational Pendulum Case Study

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One of the responsibilities of educators is to prepare students to be equitable participates in a society that is constantly changing. Educational leaders are responsible for ensuring educational practices support the current trends to ensure students are prepared for today’s world demands. The implementation of change results in a swing of the educational pendulum. The swing of the pendulum is unavoidable due to the changing demands of society. The focus must be placed on establishing an effective plan in preparation for the changes without compromising the standards of the teaching profession.
The Educational Pendulum A change in education is motivated by dissatisfaction of current practices. A common trend described as a swinging
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According to Blase, Blase, and Phillips (2010) educational leaders in high preforming schools effectively balance administrative and instructional leadership and provide stability, predictability and support. The current paradigm of educational leadership is management of facility, budget, school safety, and student discipline. Administrators must place more emphasis on methods to balance the responsibility of instructional leadership. It will require effective leadership characterized by their ability to redesign their schools into an effective organization. This can be done by a leader’s willingness to take risk. Risk taking would involve the leaders’ commitment to work collaboratively with teachers to set school wide and classroom goals suited to meet the unique needs of the students. It would require educational leaders to refuse to adopt a manufactured educational program but to make a commitment to their students and teachers to create a learning environment that is unique and relevant. Educational leaders would evaluate teachers on the effectiveness of their instructional practices. Each teacher would be held accountable for data that supports the need for goals developed for their classroom and methods used to track progress, use of instructional strategies, how assessment will be incorporated to drive instruction and monitor learning, and the effective use of assessment

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