Educational Leader: Effective Communication

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Effective Communication
Scenario: Addressing Parent Concerns
Standard 2
An educational leader promotes the success of every student by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conductive to student learning and staff professional growth.
Standard 4
An educational leader promotes the success of every student by collaborating with faculty and community member, responding to diverse community interest and needs, and mobilizing community resources.
Ms. Smith was about to complete a unit about the first European explorers. She decided to give her students a research project to do in the class and at home. For the project the students were to pretend that they were a specific explorer. There were specific directions for the students to follow. Students had to create a map of at least three expectations, longitude and latitude of destinations, at least six journal entries, and other expectations of the project. The final project needed to be in a journal form and students were to present their final project. Students were given four and a half weeks in class, at home, and time during special area classes. There were due dates throughout the project. The students were expected to preplan around due dates to manage their time.
That night Ms. Smith received an email from an upset parent. The email stated that the project did not follow standards, it was similar to one the parent found online, and it was confusing for the child to follow. Ms. Smith responded that yes, the project was compiled from a variety of sources that were found online. She listed all of the standards that were covered with the project and an explanation of how within the project. Ms. Smith asked what confused the chil...

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...cause the school to fail. An effective leader needs to trust that the teacher is providing a rigorous curriculum. They should also not let the parent dictate how a classroom is conducted. This set up a distrust for the teacher and principal. The teacher begins to distrust their teaching and communication skills. A teacher should have the support and positive communication with the leadership within the school.

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