Educational Goals and Philosophy

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Educational Goals and Philosophy

In studying the different philosophies of teaching, I have concluded that I have an eclectic view of my philosophies on education. My goal will be to follow idealism, existentialism and pragmatism. As a teacher, I will study the content that I will be teaching and focus on knowing it very well. Not only will I fulfill my job with the school, but also I will be fulfilling my dream and desires of being a teacher. My passion is to teach children what they do not yet know. I want them to learn what is required, but I want to teach them more than just that. I want them to learn their own strength of their own mind. My desire is for them to learn their own level of intelligence and for them to realize that homework is not as boring as they thought it to be. I want them to feel the intrinsic reward of making an A or B, for that feeling is quite addictive to most. Once they believe in themselves as an A/B student, they will strive to stay that way and they will be proud of that. These are all characteristics of idealism, but there is one area of existentialism that I will adopt. I feel that it is very important to emphasize individual choice in the classroom. This encourages independence in the students, helping them to succeed as an adult when that time arrives.

I am working on a bachelor of science specializing in K-6 with a secondary in Math 5-9. My classrooms would be quite different in one than the other. My primary major is with K-6, so that is the classroom I will describe. Kindergarten through sixth grade is a very important age group because children at this age are most vulnerable in most situations. They can learn very fast at this age and they need to be exposed to as mu...

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...ant, as a teacher, to accept the changes and move with them. Education reform is only for our children’s well being, and who should limit that? That answer is quite simple…no one!

I have many plans for my professional development. My objective is to earn my degree so I can teach either grades K-6 or mathematics. I do prefer to stay in the Beckley or the surrounding area but I have prepared myself to take a much bigger step if necessary. I want to teach for at least two or three years with complete focus on my experience as a beginning teacher. After a few years I will then decide whether or not to go back to college to further my education by getting my masters. That is something only time will tell, and for now I am facing my challenges day by day. I look forward to the day that I will begin my profession, which will be the day that I fulfill my dream.
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