Educational Goals and Philosophy

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Educational Goals and Philosophy Deciding on a career is a very difficult decision for anyone to make, especially for someone just coming out of high school. I always knew that I wanted to work with children, but I didn’t know what field I wanted to be in. After thinking about what field I could be in that I could work with children the most, I decided to become a teacher. I have always had a great deal of respect for most of the teachers I’ve had and hopefully I will be able to gain that respect from my students. I believe that if you are going to teach, you have to have some degree of love for children. Once any teacher has lost that, I think it is time for them to stop teaching. The two most important things that have inspired me to become a teacher are being able to work with young children all the time and the personal rewards that come with teaching. My biggest goal as a teacher is to make a child want to learn. I believe children in general do want to learn and it is our job as teachers to give them a chance to do that. I think in order for a child to want to learn, we have to make learning fun and interesting. I believe that by relating the students every day lives to the material they are learning will help accomplish this. Knowing that I have taught a child something, have made a child want to learn or have made a difference in a child’s life would be the most rewarding feeling in the world. As a teacher one of the main strategies that I want to incorporate into my classroom is cooperative learning. Cooperative learning gives the students a chance to get to know each other better, to work together on things, and to depend on one another to get things done. Another reason I prefer this type of learning is that instead of one individual person failing or succeeding, it is the group as a whole (sink or swim together).

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