Education: Where Has the United States Gone Wrong?

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In the United States, equality is and has always been something strived for. It is a nation proud to be known for its progress in regards to equality in religious, racial, and philosophical differences. In the education system, however, many decisions regarding equality have resulted in negative consequences. We have chosen quantity over quality, and our youth are suffering from a lackluster education program because of this. In America, striving to teach all children and provide them with equal opportunities has diminished the quality of the education we are giving to youth. The importance of education is clear to our nation, particularly at this time when competing with international standards is vital to our economy. Early in the 21st century, the federal government began an intervention with substandard education. For example, the effects of No Child Left Behind have been both positive and negative. Because No Child Left Behind is pushing for curriculum standards, students who are forced to switch schools are more likely to be able to pick up where they left off in core classes like math and English. Other benefits include that fact that students who struggle are given the additional help that they require. No Child Left Behind enforces the idea that parents must stay informed about their child’s school, saying that “Parents will have more information about the quality of their child’s school. Students in persistently low-performing schools will be given choice [to switch to a higher-performing school].” Many students who are at a disadvantage physically, mentally, and economically have been promised a new standard in education: that all students will receive equal chances to succeed. Though this is with good intent, it can... ... middle of paper ... ... test scores lower than their actual capabilities. This makes standardized testing a fallible source for statistics regarding a school’s progress in improving the education of its students. These results demonstrate a need for our federal government to further understand the education system and the impact of their decisions on the children of the United States of America. The goal of teaching all children and providing them with equal opportunities has diminished the quality of education in America; however, this problem can be solved. By working with teachers, professors, and even students, lawmakers should be able to predict these adverse effects and prevent them. By finding a way to encourage and distribute consistent, high-quality education, the United States can become a more competitive nation and empower its hard-working youth to live the American dream.

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