Education Top Priority: Reimagining Kindergarten

Reimagining Kindergarten
In today’s society we argue about what should be taught. Kindergarten is the first time some children have ever been away from their parents. This is the time we should focus on the transition between home and school. But, that is not what is happening today’s kindergarten classroom focus on more reading and math skills. They are working on testing skills. Kindergarten is what first grade use to be. It reflects the beliefs about how children learn. People think that less formal kindergarten activities, like free play, are a waste of time and valuable instruction time that could help the student achieve. Children can play at home. They think children should spend between twenty to thirty minutes a day on test preparation. We expect kindergartners to learn to read not learn to tie their shoes. “These adaption represent many forces and their effects have been turbocharged in the environment of No Child Left Behind.” (Graue) More children today attend preschool, but the teachers believe that their students are not prepared for the more intense kindergartner structure. The kindergartner structure should be designed to teach five and six years old. They are eager learners and the program should use that enthusiasm to help them learn. The focus should be on kindergartners and not what they should know in the first grade. We should also focus on more play. When used thoughtfully, it is one of the most valuable learning contexts available. The play could be used to teach children, many concepts in life. We focus too much on what children should be learning and not what they are.
I think we push children to hard. It this article it is pointing out how we have made the kindergarten more like first grade. We are more focused on the children testing and what they should be learning. Play is being looked down upon. The used to be a housekeeping corner is now turned into a writing corner. I think school is to structure, there should be time to play every day. If at all children play should be greater or at least equal to the math and reading they do every day. Children should start to learn in kindergartner, but it should be done modernly. They should not be learning test preparation. Children are eager to learn at the time they reach kindergarten and we should certainly take advantage of it.

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