Education Summaries

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In an international economy, knowledge - and knowledge of language - is power. Knowing a second language is more valuable than ever. I believe that citizens who speak English and another language will be a great resource for our nation in the coming years. To that end, I am encouraging schools in the United States to adopt the dual language approach, which we also sometimes refer to as "English plus one." This approach challenges young people to meet high academic standards in two languages. To give students and teachers every opportunity to succeed, President Clinton and Vice President Gore have proposed the largest increase ever in the U.S. education budget. We are working to create alternatives and offer intensive help to students who are struggling to pass high-stakes tests. I predict our schools will be open to students and adults for longer hours, providing access to computers for families that cannot afford their own personal computers and classes for adults who are seeking to improve their careers. Public education will be less about a fixed location and a fixed schedule, and much more about learning anytime and anywhere. Technology -- electronic learning --will change every aspect of U.S. education Across the United States, on every level of activity, education policies are subjects of discussion and debate among our citizens. We believe that the nation's education policies must change to reflect the increasing importance of education, the pervasiveness of technology and changes in student enrollment. A glimpse toward the future suggests that charter schools will become more prevalent in the United States. Although they use public funds, charter schools operate with more freedom and flexibility than typical public schools. The Clinton Administration has supported, and continues to support, charter schools and other innovations that give parents more choices in public schools. Established by the Education Sciences Reform Act of 2002, the Institute of Education Sciences is the research arm of the Department of Education.
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