Education Should Not Be Educated

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Have you ever wondered what the term “well educated” truly means? If you think it comes with having the best high school, or college education, then you could be mistaken. To be well educated means more than to be part of a fancy Ivy League school, having the most advanced books, or the highest test scores. To be well educated reflects more on the schools main aim for its student, the ability of the student to retain and adapt things learned, and how grades and test scores do not reflect if a person is well educated. In order for one to be well educated, the main part reflects on the school 's main aim for its students. I agree with the statement made by Alfie Kohn which states that “The Schools the main aim of education should be to produce competent, caring, loving, and lovable people (Alfie Kohn). “ I agree with this statement because instead of just throwing books and lessons at students which most schools and teachers do in hopes they can grasp the information being presented to them, they should instead focus on teaching them attributes like compassion, love for all races and gender, to be competent and self-reliant, and then to teach them general education and to make sure students master these subjects. I believe one is to be considered well educated when one has mastered certain trades or well educated in certain subjects. Mastery In a subject or skill shows that one is able to act and have a full understanding of how things work, whether it is psychology or automotive technology. My mother always told me this story growing up that, “It’s better for a doctor to have fully comprehended the lessons and guidance of their teacher, than one who merely remembers answers on tests in order to pass the class, but barely comprehen... ... middle of paper ... ...e to change a light bulb, then that person wouldn’t be well educated. It takes more than book smarts to be considered well educated. It is clearly evident that some parts of society view differently on what it is to be well educated. Some people view higher education vs. all around knowledge as well education, while others view personal test scores and how they are taught vs. what a person remembers what is being taught can use. To be well educated means more than being part of a fancy Ivy League school, having the newest books, or highest test scores. One thing to remember is that no matter what kind of education level one might have, some people maybe be more educated than others in certain areas like automotive mechanics, computer technology, or religion and the information should be learned to further you the knowledge and to be even better educated than before.
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