Education Reform in California

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California’s entire educational system does not need to be changed in order for it to be successful. In the past, the educational system worked and created many successful and productive members of society. Change to the entire system is not what California needs, but what it does need is change to some policies and procedures. Changing these few policies and procedures will greatly benefit California’s educational system. This great nation and this great state have the right ideas, now it just needs to take its existing educational structure and make a few modifications and then we will be back on the right track. The education policy in California provided quality analysis for the K-12 education issues. “The issue of leadership kicks off with an examination of the effects of the federal stimulus of our schools for not only the immediate impact but also the consequences down the road for California schools” (Weis). The effect of the stimulus is to ensure that our schools are protected and is given the resources needed for the students to learn. “California recently joined twenty-four other states in an interstate education compact that makes it easier for the children of military personnel to move from school to school” (Weis). This shows that the average military student will have things a little easier when he or she is moving from school to school. “One of the tough budgetary decisions many districts face is when and how to rearrange school boundaries and close schools” (Weis). This is because of the safety issues, student enrollment, and to minimize the transportation for the students so they do not have to cross as many major streets and highways. The policies in education should stay the way it is, but it has its issue... ... middle of paper ... ...e existing procedures and policies already in place is the best way in my opinion to fix California’s educational system. Works Cited 1. Weis, Charles. "Race to the Top sparks sense of urgency in California around education reform." Leadership Mar.-Apr. 2010: 7. General OneFile. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. 2. "The Governator." Education Next 8.4 (2008): 6+. General OneFile. Web. 14 Dec. 2011. 3. Coen-Pirani, Daniele. "Immigration and spending on public education: California, 1970-2000." The Journal of Public Economics 95.11-12 (2011): 1386+. General OneFile. Web. 15 Dec. 2011. 4. Press, The Associated. "Calif. District Chiefs Team Up for Reform." Education Week 20 Oct. 2010: 4. Academic OneFile. Web. 15 Dec. 2011. 5. "Pearson to manage California teacher certification testing." Technology & Learning Oct. 2011: 33. General OneFile. Web. 15 Dec. 2011.
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