Education Philosophy Statement

Education Philosophy Statement

I believe education is one of the most important parts of our lives. Education sets the foundation for everything else we do in our lives. Without an education, it is nearly impossible to get gainful employment of any kind. But an education is not just something you get from taking notes, reading chapters, and passing tests. It is true that these are major parts of receiving an education, but they are not the only parts. I believe that education is something that you should constantly build on throughout life. In order for a person to do this education needs to be enjoyable for them. This is why I want to be an educator.

I believe that all students have the ability to learn, they just need help cultivating that ability. I want to make learning more enjoyable for students. I feel that if I can make learning fun for them, they will be more eager to learn. That will be their biggest asset as they go through life.

I’ve heard some teachers say, “If I can inspire one student to keep learning and go on to bigger and better things, then I will have done my job.” I don’t believe in this theory. Although I realize that not every student will want to learn and move on, I will not accept reaching just one student. Every student I reach will be a small victory, but I want to win the war. I am out to reach every student, not just one. I may only inspire one or two, but I want to have some influence on all of them. I want to try to reach and inspire them all, and I will do my best to make getting an education enjoyable for each individual student. And hopefully I will inspire them all to continue their education throughout their lives.

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I plan on lecturing and assigning some reading too. I would like to have a lot of discussion on the reading. All students learn different ways, so I plan on trying to accommodate as many needs as possible. I believe that reforms do need to be made in education, but not exactly like most people think they do. I believe the reform needs to start in the classrooms with the teachers. Teachers need to get back to helping the students better themselves and get away from just being there to baby sit and collect a check.

I also think that reform should come in the way of funding for schools and colleges. There are too many cutbacks today in the education program. We shouldn’t be afraid to spend money if it means giving our children a better opportunity to get the education they need and deserve.
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