Education Issues in the Middle East

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I recently read an article about what is happening to many children in the Middle East and found it upsetting. It was an almost surreal to learn parents were sending their children to schools to receive an education and food without knowing the trade off was having their children taught to be suicide bombers. Even worse the children readily accepted what they were being taught because they believed there was nothing better for them. The civil right to have an education must be enforced by everyone and never lost sight of. The joint efforts of teacher and volunteers between the two nations will spark an educational revolution. This is a program where by giving today we receive tomorrow. If we who believe in overcoming the injustices all around us step up to help the children we create a new beginning. This program will address the civil right of being entitled to an education and in turn women’s equality, freedom of speech, artistic freedom and many more. It is a matter of growing success by teaching children that they can make a difference and encouraging them to change the wrongs that they face.

I want to give the children the resources needed to grow up and become productive members of society that contribute to the fight for civil rights. This is in no way an overnight solution and may take years to fully take roots because there is much to do. I want to first reach out to regions in the middle east that are in high areas of risk of being affected by acts of terrorism because it allows for a strong beginning. It will take time to get campaigns started around both nations to raise awareness and money. Everyone big and small can get involved there is no limit to who can give a hand. In both countries schools can hold fund raise...

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...t to hope for a bright future, taught to hope for a long fulfilling life, taught to hope for personal freedom and to know all of it is theirs if they work for it. Frustrations from language barriers to denial of civil rights will be approached as challenges to overcome and an opportunity to make a change. The collaboration between the two countries will provide resources to build keep up and enlarge the range of the project so that all children are reached. The most important thing the children will take away from attending school is the power to change the wrongs they face in their daily lives. The students will go forth into the world to change their surroundings for the better because their right to an education was fulfilled. The success of the collaboration will reverberate through generations to come and grow into much bigger things with opportunities for all.
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