Education Is The Building Block For Any Future Or Occupation?

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Every teacher is unique in the way they approach each student. They are also different in their beliefs in how and what should be taught to the students. Every teacher however, wants to see their students learn and grow to their full potential. I want my future students to achieve their highest standards and be able to thrive in and outside of the classroom. To be an effective teacher I will have to understand my own beliefs about education before I expect my students to be able to create their own. When I was growing up I tried my hardest in school. I thought school was an important priority that everyone should value. To this day my beliefs are similar but more evolved. I believe that education is the building block for any future or occupation therefore everyone should attend some type of educational system. This way America will have educated citizens who can help advance society. The purpose for education is to provide information in all content areas to give students a well-rounded knowledge for their future endeavors. Not only are content area subjects important but the socia...

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