Education Is Expensive And The Cost

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Limitations are everywhere, but the one place there should not be any limits are in education, and that is why the government should allow everyone to acquire a college education. There are many countries in the world that are suffering because they only contain knowledge to get by from day by day basis. In the United States, there are many resources for education, but Some people are born into a poor families and can’t afford college. So they cannot support their family. However, if they had money or an education they would at least lead an enhanced life. First of all, college education is not only costly, but it is also increasing. Second students who acquired a higher grade point average must have an opportunity for a college education, and lastly the citizens of the United States and its economy will benefit from free education.
College education is expensive and the cost is increasing year by year. The average published tuition, fees, room, and board for an in-state students enrolled full time at public four-year colleges and universities in 2014–2015 was $18,943 (College Board). Just Imagine what these numbers will look like in the next few years they could rise up to 40 thousand in the next five to ten years. In a recent study, research suggests that the labor market consequences of graduating from college in a sloppy economy are large and negative (Elsevier). In the united states the economy is doing well, but some parts of the united states, can still improve drastically because there are still places like this people who live there cannot move on and make their lives wealthier. Many companies in the United States do not consider many citizen for computer science jobs just because they did not acquire a bachelor’s degree...

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...egree that they are getting in return for their money (gua). These are the reasons why we must make higher education free in the united states I mean education is free until 12 grade what’s four more years of free education to the national debt.
This is why education should be free, there stood many valid arguments against free education in the United States. But when we look at the benefits that this country could experience the benefits far out way the damages. We must let the knowledge run free. It may increase the national debt a bit, but because of the all loans the American people are already losing hope of their dreams. That is why we should at least let the students with a high grade averages go to college. We should also make college accessible to everyone because of how it can make our economy improved and all the benefits that can occur from free college.

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