Education Is Becoming The Most Important Aspects Of Life

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Education is becoming the main starting ground to a better life. It is met to help shape someone’s life to become the best person they are meant to be. When they are not educated, it is harder for them to get even a basic job because even the most basic jobs are requiring a diploma. Education is known are “the process by which children and youth develop knowledge, skills, ability and character especially through formal instruction, training and study” (Schultz, 1998). Education first started when God created man. When God created man, he created us all with the ability to know and to reason. This shows that we are all given the “same” propose in life. It may not be entirely the same as maybe someone that you may come in contact once in your life, but the value of your worth is the same. Education is one of the most important aspects of life. Without education a person would not know how to talk, write, read, or have the basic skills needed to live out a day. The world that God created would not be the same if no one got the basic learning skills that they learn in elementary school. In school, you are learning some and if not all the ways to be successful in life. “I can do all things through him who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13 English Standard Version). With God by our sides, anything is possible. Because Jesus came and died on a cross for the lives we all live, we can conclude that one of the reasons was so we can be educated. Being here in the United States, we are gifted to have a free education system. In other parts of the world, they have to pay to be in school. This is supposed to help North America look good to other countries, but it doesn’t. I did not grow up in Christian household, but I do know the value of ... ... middle of paper ... ...isn’t always about doing what you have to do to get that paycheck or to get by, it is about getting to know and connecting with your students. If you are going to be in a classroom teaching them for a long period of time I would like to know a little bit about my students so I can get a better understanding on how they learn better. All in all, you are a role model to the students. They are going to have to write papers as they get older and think about the crazy sayings you taught them when they were little. “The comma is like a butt; it comes first” is something that I still remember to this day from one of my teachers. Teaching may not seem like it but it is something that is is impacting people all around the world. To think that you could be making a huge distance not only in your students lives, but yours as well, why would someone not want to become a teacher?

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