Education In Jessica Klonsky's Test Prep And The War

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As education students get ready to graduate and start working as new teachers, they much to worry about than what most people think. It’s no longer only about teaching or preparing lessons, there is a huge amount of issues, concerns, and politics involved. One of the main subjects is standardized testing, new teachers have to prepare their students for those test while still providing the students with rich learning experiences, and meaningful lessons. But these teachers may have to sacrifice many of those great lessons in order to meet the requirements and expectations from the school, and instead spend more time on getting students ready for high-stake tests. New teachers have to find creative ways in order to do this, finding
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“Test Prep and the War” was the story of a teacher, Jessica Klonsky, in a low-income school in New York City, working with a predominantly latino and ELL students as she tried to prepare them to take and pass the required State test in order to graduate. The unit the teacher created was created to help students be better prepared for that test that addresses nonfiction writing skills, she also used this unit as a way to cover a significant current even at the time the War in Iraq.She included opportunities for the students to work on assignments where they had to compare how the media portrayed the war from different viewpoints, including news from outside the U.S.. They were also able to watch the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 by Michael Moore and asked to write down key statements provided during the documentary in a graphic organizer provided. “Because part of the Regents Exam requires students to take notes on a passage read aloud to them (but that they never get to read themselves), this note-taking practice was especially important” (page 100). She used her understanding of what Regents exam required from the students and found a way to create a unit for her students that was relevant to them because it involved current event and that also helped them practice skills…show more content…
They have to take their time to do a thorough research on the specific organization in order to have sufficient understanding about what the organization is really about. Making sure that the organization 's goals and beliefs align properly with the teacher who is considering to join. Neha Singhal shares her experience in “Why I Quit Teach for America to fight for Public Schools”, this was her story and experience, as she had joined Teach for America and just a few months later left the organization. She believed that she was going to make a difference and that she was going to teach in a place where they were desperately in need of teachers. She was also under the impression that upon starting on this journey she would receive some training or opportunities to discuss the main issues in the area. But it all turned out to be the very opposite of what she had hoped for. She quickly learned that the organization was more focused on obtaining high scores in tests and labeling teachers as inefficient. “Even during the five-week-long training period, we did not discuss some of the fundamental issues regarding education inequity, such as inadequate funding in low-income schools or the impact of high-stakes testing. Nor did we discuss the unique challenges our students face at the U.S.-Mexico border or the repercussions of anti-immigrant policies on families” (page 66). It’s hard to understand or accept the fact
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