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The changes of American educators have trying for last twenty years could not cure all the disappointments of our educational system or could not create education that meets our post-modern demands or reflects the reality of our modern interests. Unfortunately, American educational system has been less prosperous in educating African-American children than it has the majority population and this condition ought to be acknowledged as a crisis requiring imperative consideration. After seeing these situations, one might ask why almost no literature exists to address their specific educational needs. Yet, my most complex questions that I need to grapple are; Why Black children do less well in schools than other children? Why are there few minority teachers in schools? Why are minority parents not involved in the education of their children?
Clearly, there is no one easy answers to these questions, but some people argued that race and class differences are fundamentally caused by genetic dynamics and consequently in their essence are unchallengeable. Others reasoned for their scholastic malfunctions continue to be seen as partially environmental and social racism. Resource scarcity and lack of opportunity repeatedly are presented as the only conceivable explanations for poor performance in education. Besides that, highly diverse educated groups explained for low academic achievement of black children positioned the problem in the children themselves and in their families.
An essence are unchallengeable, according to this view, as Palen (2001) narrated that “Inequality, it claims, is natural, those who prove themselves superior in the competitive struggle are superior from birth and their strength lies in their genes.” (p, 13). Thi...

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...Child Left Behind Act, voucher or choice, and charter schools can improve our children's academic performances, especially minority students. For example, debate over school vouchers is that minority families will be mostly expected to leave the public schools and enroll their children in private schools if given the opportunity. Many people thing vouchers would give private schools the opportunity to accept children whose families are unable to pay tuition. Now, we found out that the middle class families who were already most involved in their children’s education are those who are most benefited the vouchers not the minority groups. In this context, many times I have overheard that education is not a black Thing. The intention of voucher was to address concerns about injustices in the American education but it did not fix the education problems that existed.
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