Education In Africa Essay

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It is no secret that Africa is comprised of some of the most deprived countries in the world. Each day millions of Africans are left starving and weakened from illness and poor health conditions. Surprisingly, this is not due to simple misfortune, but instead is the direct result of the lack of education in Africa. This is because education shapes many aspects of society and also the lives of individuals within that society. Education not only gives people the critical skills and tools necessary to help them provide for themselves and their children, but it also helps create job opportunities that are directly related to economic growth. Finally, education also helps fight the spread of HIV/AIDS, “A sexually transmitted disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus” (Sex 148) and other diseases as well as improves health overall. Therefore, it is crucial to provide a good education for the children of Africa in order to overcome larger issues such as poverty and the prevalence of diseases and high mortality rates. To do this, the quality of education must be improved, electricity must be provided to schools and other learning facilities, and schools must be kept safe. If these standards are met, and education is improved, many other aspects of the society will be positively affected too. This is because there is no doubt that education has the power to make a country, and more specifically the world, a better place. To begin with, the quality of education in Africa remains a serious problem. “Many countries continue to experience shortages of basic facilities, infrastructures, equipment, and learning materials”(allafrica). Thus, without a positive learning environment, students are not progressing at basic skills... ... middle of paper ... ...s must be kept safe so mothers will trust enrolling their children in school and children will feel safe attending these schools. The schools that will give children in Africa the necessary knowledge they need to exceed in life. If all these requirements are completed, Africa will overcome the horrid past from which they came and be on their way to a brighter future. The first step that has to occur in order for change to take place is to spread awareness. Please spread the news and tell the people who are ignorant on the learning crisis that is taking place in Africa as you read. Finally, people would have to donate money for new schools, better supplies, and better security for these new schools. Education is truly the best gift you can give a person. Knowledge is power, information is emancipating, and education is the key to progress in every society.
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